What’s “AntiTrail”?

AntiTrail is a unique piece of software that permanently erases all of your computer’s, phone’s or tablet’s activities.

Protect Yourself. We do.

When you clear your browsing history, use a standard cleaning tool such as CCleaner etc. – your history is simply made inaccessible to you as a user – it still exists on your browsing device.

If a more tech-savvy user or just a regular user with a spying program (even with free trial programs) get on your computer or phone they can browse all of your sensitive data and display them in an easy-to-read format.

What activity does AntiTrail remove?

  • Traces of websites you’ve visited.
  • Traces of videos and pictures you’ve watched/downloaded or deleted.
  • Traces of the searches you’ve performed on Google, Yahoo, Bing etc.
  • Traces of searches you have been typing from websites search boxes.

Question: How is it possible, example, to recover my typed searches on website search boxes or on Google, Yahoo, Bing etc.? How can people or spying programs find out what I’ve been doing on different websites and isn’t it against the privacy laws to reveal all this sensitive data?

Answer: It’s nothing to do with the websites revealing the data. Your browsing device is tracking all your actions and stores the evidence. Example, if you type a keyword “car” and look the website address bar, then you usually see something like this: search=car, keyword=car, value=car etc.

Spying programs

Did you know that when you give someone access to your wireless access point (wifi password) and this user is going to use a spying program on their device, they can access all of your private data remotely – the same applies if the user has manual access without the wifi password.

AntiTrail gives you the confidence that once erased, your file data is gone forever and can never be recovered.

Show the vulnerable data of my device

♦ Free to try   ♦ No credit card required   ♦ No risk   ♦ No obligation!

Show the vulnerable data of my device

At present, the software is available only on Windows PCs. Notify when available on Mac OS, Android & iOS here.

Many people mistakenly believe that using the spying program is mostly spying on their spouses/children etc., but the latest research shows that using the spying programs is mostly popular under the age of 18 years old and their main purpose is just to have fun.”
Mike- Computer Security Analyst
I know exactly how easy it is to use specific programs to dig out all kind of different past activities you’ve performed on your PC and you can even do it without the programs if you are a more tech-savvy user like me, anyway – excellent work from AntiTrail team.
Roland- Freelance Tech Blogger
I used a snooping program and was amazed to see all my searched keywords. I know that I have been looking up some strange things but some of the data it discovered I didn’t even remember anymore and surprised me. AntiTrail is a very useful piece of software.
Diane- Student and full-time Mom
AntiTrail is a must have tool for every business owner. The software looks great, is easy to use and works flawlessly. Too bad that it’s not available on MAC, iOS and Android platform yet.
Steve- CEO at WebBerry.eu
Aside from the arguments around privacy, which are extensive and valid, it’s also a huge security risk. That’s not only for people on ‘dodgy’ sites, but individuals with highly personal concerns, from sexuality and HIV, to addictions and depression.
Ruth- Consultant Physician in HIV Medicine
I discovered AntiTrail software when the damage was already done. I used to clean my visited website history manually or with a “cleaning program”, but it wasn’t enough. Stupid recovery programs were still able to restore most of my sensitive information.
Wallace- Occupation not specified