Our mission is simple, to Create Trust Online. 


AntiTrail is dedicated to creating a world that provides privacy for all, no matter who you are, where you are, or how you connect.

The rapid acceptance and deployment of the internet has transformed how we build and share information today. Web browsing, financial transactions, healthcare records, and personal information all pass instantly through technology systems at record pace. Internet technologies have revolutionized the way people communicate, businesses operate and society functions.


But with innovation always comes risk. Security is always the last layer to be added in any transformational idea, and spying programs, malware or cyberattacks now threaten the economic and societal progress that these technology tools provide. They have created an environment of vulnerability and exposure, where individuals and corporations can’t feel they trust the experience of being online, of collaborating across geographies, of exchanging information safely.


AntiTrail LLC, a company that has been built upon the very foundation of trust, is for anyone who wants to keep their private info private. Thousands of individuals and companies rely on AntiTrail’s technology to secure their most precious asset – information.



The Team

From the individual to the corporation, everyone has the right to privacy and it is the job of AntiTrail to provide the technology solutions that secure and preserve that experience. For the employees of AntiTrail, this is our life’s work – creating an environment of trust for our current and future customers.


Our growth is fueled by our passionate culture of wanting to win and “beat the bad guys.”



We are a small core team + more than 20 of the highly skilled freelancer programmers in the industry.

In addition to our core team, we also work with multiple freelancers which join our team on a project basis when required. The partners help us with specific software programming tasks. We also co-operate with multiple software agencies in numerous European cities.



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