AntiTrail is a unique piece of software that permanently erases all of your computer’s, phone’s or tablet’s activities.

Google Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Safari and Internet Explorer all have private browsing modes you can use to make sure the websites you visit don’t appear in your browsing history, but a list of the URLs you have visited during private browsing sessions are still stored in a database file, viewable by anyone using your computer who wants to take the time to access it.

One can just use parental control features to view the sites that may be hidden. For example, Microsoft Family Safety will report website history regardless of the browser settings. For more tech-savvy people, checking the DNS cache does the trick.

Besides all the above, the little-known fact is that lot’s of Chrome extensions can spy on your activities, more about that click here.

AntiTrail software erases all the tracks and we can guarantee that once erased, then it’s 100% gone.

When you delete something from a computer, it doesn’t actually destroy the information. It just removes your ability to access it.

Erasing data solely via the recycle bin is not the safest way to dispose of your data – anyone with a bit of know-how can recover it.

AntiTrail digs deeper and removes all traces of personal data from everywhere on your machine so that your past is completely gone.

It can be read almost effortlessly. There are easy-to-use programs that can analyze your computing device, find the permanent files containing all of your online activity from the day you started using the computer, and display them in an easy-to-read format.

Internet artifacts are commonly found in memory, and ultimately end up on disk in the form of the pagefile or hibernation file. Many tools such as CCleaner etc., have minimal effect on these files and therefore many of the commonly sought after artifacts can still be found.

AntiTrail gives you the confidence that once erased, your file data is gone forever and can never be recovered.

“Delete” doesn’t mean Erase.

The recovery programs are still able to search your website history, view the pictures you’ve viewed/deleted, videos you’ve watched/downloaded/deleted – everything. And they’re able to search through the entire time period that you’ve had the device.

There are hidden system files that will keep a record of every single website and action you’ve performed on your device and if anyone gains access to them, they can see exactly which websites you’ve visited, what you’ve downloaded, what kind of keywords you have searched etc. etc.

AntiTrail lets you clean and permanently delete and shred all your browsers’ history and any other tracks simultaneously. It cleans all evidence by making them unrecoverable after cleaning, so they cannot be recovered using recovery programs.

Completely formatting a hard drive is more complex than just reinstalling a new operating system or reformatting the drive. To safely sanitize your drive, you need to completely write over every bit. Otherwise, your sensitive data is still there for the taking and the recovery programs are able to search all of your activities.

How to safely sanitize your drive is hard to explain to a regular user, for more tech-savvy people here are some hints click here

VPN-s does remove many activities but not all by far. You are still using your PC (hard drive and RAM) to perform activities with your device and there’s plenty of info left behind for data recovery programs to sniff out.

If you are a VPN user, then you have been making a great choice to protect your online privacy, but we definitely suggest using Windows VPS providers, rather than VPNs.

Your computer is tracking all your actions and stores the evidence into your hard disk. Anyone can look up what sites you have visited, what images you have viewed, what videos you have watched etc.

Everything you’ve done on your computer would leave traces on your computer.
The data from any applications you’re currently using (web browsers, photo viewers, instant messaging clients, etc.) is stored in the memory (RAM).

RAM files often find ways to store themselves permanently. In some cases, Windows even forces your computer to back them up permanently.
The hard truth is that even if you’re good about trying to “erase” your data, plenty of sensitive data stays on your machine whether you like it or not. That’s just how Windows works, unfortunately.

Yes, for sure! AntiTrail is not an anti-virus software. AntiTrail is meant to get rid of your device’s “trail”. It will allow you to erase all of your histories – permanently – to give you peace of mind and keep your private things private.

AntiTrail has nothing to do with viruses, trojans or worms. So we’d definitely suggest you keep using your current antivirus software for better and safer computing experience and AntiTrail will help to keep it private.

We all have something to hide.

Based on Pew Research Center study on Anonymity, Privacy, and Security Online

*** 33% of internet users said they had tried to hide their activities from hackers or criminal

*** 28% said they had tried to hide their activities from advertisers

*** 19% said they had tried to hide their activities from people in their past

*** 19% said they had tried to hide their activities from certain friends

*** 17% said they had tried to hide their activities from people who might criticize, harass or target them

*** 14% said they had tried to hide their activities from family members or a romantic partner

*** 11% said they had tried to hide their activities from an employer, supervisor or coworkers

*** 6% said they had tried to hide their activities from companies or people who run the websites they visit

*** 6% said they had tried to hide their activities from companies or people that might want payment for the files they downloaded such as songs, movies or games

*** 5% said they had tried to hide their activities from the government

*** 4% said they had tried to hide their activities from law enforcement

Antitrail is for anyone who wants to keep their private stuff private.

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