Why is AntiTrail so special?

It digs deeper to completely clean out your device – and not just what’s on the surface. When you clear your browsing history, use private browsing mode or a standard cleaning tool such as CCleaner – your history is simply made inaccessible to you as a user – it still exists on your browsing device.

So if someone wanted to see a complete report of where you’ve been and what you’ve been doing on your device, anyone – your spouse, parent, children, relative, co-worker etc., could easily do so right now.

It can be read almost effortlessly. People, with know-how or specific spying programs, can analyze a computing device, find the permanent files containing all of your browsing activity from the day you started using it. AntiTrail will remove everything – permanently.


AntiTrail: One click and everything personal is erased

The interface for AntiTrail is simple. Anyone can use it. If you’d like to get rid of your device’s activity, just press a button, let AntiTrail do its thing for a moment, and your work is done – it’s like you’ve never used that device at all.


“How does my activity stay on my computer?”

All of the data from the applications you are currently using – your photo viewer, your instant messenger, and even the browser you’re reading this text with – are held in your electronic device’s RAM storage (also called memory).

Usually, RAM files are deleted when you close the application associated with the file. However, temporary RAM files often make it to the permanent storage.

  • Page files with all of your data will be created when you temporarily run out of RAM (maybe you have too many applications open). These are stored on your device permanently.
  • Hibernation files with all of your data (in the form of a backup file) are automatically created in case of a crash. These are stored permanently on your device because they need to be accessed if there’s a memory hiccup.


AntiTrail cleans up all of that (and much more)

AntiTrail removes page files, hibernation files, and XX other types of files from over XXX different locations on your browsing device.

Ordinary cleaning programs are simply automating the process of deleting files. In order to completely erase your tracks, more needs to be deleted. If it’s not, people with know-how or specific programs can still see what you’ve done.

AntiTrail gives you the confidence that once erased, your file data is gone forever and can never be recovered. Period! A true full sweep means that the deepest corners of your device are reached and you are completely safe, even if someone puts an extraordinary amount of effort into trying to find out what you’ve been doing.


How does AntiTrail do all of that?

If we listed everything that AntiTrail did, this short web page would turn into a full-fledged novel. Rest assured that when you click the button, AntiTrail digs and removes 100% of your personal data.

Here’s a very short list of some things that AntiTrail does:

  • Deletes browsing history from the registry
  • Defragments the registry
  • Moves the registry file to a new location on hard drive / repositions the registry file on hard drive
  • Cleans the hard drive
  • Wipes pagefile.sys / swapfile.sys
  • Wipes $LogFile
  • Wipes $MFT
  • Wipes volume shadow copies
  • Wipes unallocated clusters
  • Wipes file slack spaces
  • Wipes hiberfil.sys
  • Wipes uninitialized file areas


AntiTrail means privacy – no ifs, ands, or buts

You can have any reason for wanting to use AntiTrail.

  • You visited a website that your partner or spouse would not agree with
  • You’re concerned that a parent or friend might snoop on what you’re doing on social media
  • You’re worried that your employer will see all the non-work related activities you’ve been spending your time on
  • You’re concerned that your private data (medical, financial, etc.) might get into wrong hands
  • You want to hide the perfect birthday gift that you bought online for your significant other

The list goes on. Sometimes, you just want to be sure. With AntiTrail, you can click a button and be sure that all of your activity is completely erased from your computer, phone or tablet.

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Many people mistakenly believe that using the spying program is mostly spying on their spouses/children etc., but the latest research shows that using the spying programs is mostly popular under the age of 18 years old and their main purpose is just to have fun.”
Mike- Computer Security Analyst
I know exactly how easy it is to use specific programs to dig out all kind of different past activities you’ve performed on your PC and you can even do it without the programs if you are a more tech-savvy user like me, anyway – excellent work from AntiTrail team.
Roland- Freelance Tech Blogger
I used a snooping program and was amazed to see all my searched keywords. I know that I have been looking up some strange things but some of the data it discovered I didn’t even remember anymore and surprised me. AntiTrail is a very useful piece of software.
Diane- Student and full-time Mom
AntiTrail is a must have tool for every business owner. The software looks great, is easy to use and works flawlessly. Too bad that it’s not available on MAC, iOS and Android platform yet.
Steve- CEO at WebBerry.eu
Aside from the arguments around privacy, which are extensive and valid, it’s also a huge security risk. That’s not only for people on ‘dodgy’ sites, but individuals with highly personal concerns, from sexuality and HIV, to addictions and depression.
Ruth- Consultant Physician in HIV Medicine
I discovered AntiTrail software when the damage was already done. I used to clean my visited website history manually or with a “cleaning program”, but it wasn’t enough. Stupid recovery programs were still able to restore most of my sensitive information.
Wallace- Occupation not specified